LLNL’s Forensic Science Center (FSC) offers a comprehensive range of analytical expertise to counter terrorism, aid domestic law enforcement, and verify compliance with international treaties and agreements. FSC scientists have an important role in the effective forensic response to terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction at home or abroad. Our researchers support the Federal Bureau of Investigation and have performed pivotal forensic analyses in criminal investigations. As the only U.S. laboratory certified for forensic analysis of chemical, biological, radiological, and explosive samples, our reputation is bolstered by several key accreditations.

Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

Environmental Protection Agency

International Organization for Standardization


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) determines standards for technology, industry, and other sectors. Laboratory testing and calibration requirements, known as ISO-17025, define competency benchmarks for quality assurance and quality control procedures. To achieve accreditation, laboratories must establish and follow a quality management system and consistently produce valid test results. Adhering to these standards not only increases operational effectiveness and efficiency, but also strengthens LLNL’s credibility in forensic science.

Accredited since 2001 by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), the FSC upholds ISO-17025 laboratory standards for chemical, explosive, and nuclear analysis processes. This effort includes undergoing inspections and performing internationally recognized testing and calibration methods. Regular follow-up audits by A2LA ensure continued compliance with the ISO’s high standards.