FSC in the Field


Forensic Science Center (FSC) scientists conduct careful research and experimentation in order to deploy effective real-world strategies. We often take a comprehensive approach to field-based forensic science, including nuclear and radioactivity analyses, exposure mitigation, decontamination cleanup, and training and decision-making support for response teams. Our work reveals chemical, physical, and radioactive properties of compounds, which influences detection and response efforts by military, government, law enforcement, commercial, and international entities.

FSC staff also innovate to ensure that forensic samples are analyzed as accurately and reliably as possible. We have designed field-analysis kits that can analyze a sample shortly after it is obtained, an advantage when dealing with substances that may be unstable, highly reactive, or perishable. We have transferred some of this portable technology to private industry for commercialization and its widespread availability to federal and state law enforcement, customs, and environmental agencies.

Remediation and

At-Risk State Training

Nuclear Forensics
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