Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


LLNL’s Forensic Science Center (FSC) is home to nationally recognized scientists and capabilities that support chemical, nuclear, explosive, and biological counterterrorism. As one of two U.S. laboratories with international certification to handle chemical warfare agents, the FSC analyzes interdicted samples, provides radiological assistance 24/7, and engages in the critical research and development needs of the intelligence community including law enforcement, homeland security, and health professionals. FSC personnel are experts in analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, nuclear chemistry, and forensic instrument design and fabrication.


FSC in the Field

FSC in the Lab

Case Studies

Move Over, DNA

Information encoded in proteins of human hair can help identify people. Learn more »

Neutralizing Acutely Toxic Chemicals

A recent project shows how cyclodextrins can be used to potentially save lives. Learn more »

Another Top Grade from OPCW

The latest test results mark the eighth straight “A” grade earned by FSC staff. Learn more »


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